Why your application probably does not need Blockchain (but Factorium does)

Blockchain is only a good fit in scenarios where there is no central, single party (or small group of parties which determine what the facts are.

If such central party (or small group of parties) exists, then using Blockchain not only does not make sense, it actually makes things worse off.

A centralized ledger

By replicating the records with each party, blockchains introduce resilience to the system.

When centralized parties that also enjoy a monopoly of force exist, a blockchain is pointless.

Blockchain is only a use case for scenarios which require consensus to be formed when such a trusted (or force monopolizer) central party does not exist.

And if the regulator is able to control and change data on demand, then the replicated ledgers are pointless. If the regulator is benign then you do not need to maintain your own data and if the regulator is corrupt but has a monopoly of force, keeping a copy of the data with you is not going to serve any purpose.



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