Why you should buy ETH even if you do not completely understand crypto

  1. A country becomes rich if it is has enough people and they can transact with each other without fear or favor.
  2. Bitcoin will never truly become the settlement layer because there are no meaningful applications built on top of it.
  3. Ethereum will become the settlement layer because of the applications built on top of it. Replacing Ethereum will become incredibly hard because of this.
  4. CBDCs pose a unique challenge
  5. A new cold war which will likely be much shorter than the last one between CBDCs and Defi will see Defi eventually win out
  6. Because Ethereum will be the backbone of all Defi, buying and holding it will be a no brainer
  7. ETH is hard money

Part 1: The Wealth of Nations

People + fair rules that are enforced uniformly = wealthy country

Part 2: Bitcoin is not Gold

Part 3: The Settlement Layer

Part 4: The very real Danger from CBDCs

  1. Permissionless, which means anyone can create a wallet instantaneously and start transacting with anyone they want without restriction
  2. Composable and programmable, all data is open by default, unrestricted and uniform interfaces allow new tools that can be built on top which can interact with each other

Part 5: How DEFI will take over the world

Part 6: Eth is hard money




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Moresh Kokane

Moresh Kokane

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